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My art career began when my friend induced me to try my hand at painting as a way of releasing stress from my profession of being a court reporter. This began in a fairly primitive way with a series of prehistoric cave-like works involving bears, antelopes and buffaloes. However, over time I began to experiment with a variety of mediums, especially CitraSolv altered papers. Two of my early efforts in the latter medium were rewarded with the Grand Prize in the Amateur Division of the Spring Fling edition of the CitraSolv Art Contest, followed by both a runner up and honorable mention within the Amateur Division for several entries in the Birds of a Feather edition of the aforementioned competition, and, as well, two honorable mentions in the Amateur Division of the Cultivate Your Creativity2 edition of the CitraSolv Art Contest. In addition to CitraSolv altered papers, I like to incorporate: Acrylic paint, varnish, inks, gold, copper, and silver leaf, and newsprint into my artworks. What fascinates me about exploring the mediums noted above is that the collages created through combining the foregoing sorts of materials bring about such surprising and unexpected ways of transforming the spaces and surfaces with which I begin. While I am not ready to give up my day job as a court stenographer, the creative process brings me great joy – especially when other people find beauty and enjoyment through what has been created.

UPDATE:  Since the writing of this "About" info, I have retired from court reporting full time but still work occasionally (a few days a month) in court as needed when I am available.  It keeps me busy, and I am fortunate to be able to keep in touch and see my court pals regularly!

There are many original works not displayed on this website.  If you are interested in purchasing something, please contact me.  

Thank you for looking.


Maureen Whitehouse, Collage Artist



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